Our approach and mindset mix technical, regulatory and operational approach.

Technical Support

Corporate advisory, Business valuation, external growth and financing solutions such as fundraising

Operational Support

Finance strategy ;
Share time or transition CFO ; Specific support for Finance team

Regulatory Support

Merger and contributions registered auditor ;
regulatory audits and specific interventions


Technical Support

Our main competence: to be with you from the beginning to the end of an external growth project, a restructuring operation or any other corporate finance topic.

  • All kind of entities: small companies, SMEs, startups, groups of companies…
  • Valuation of businesses, of shares, of preference shares…
  • Specific and sized report to your business and expectations, 
  • Valuation of intangible assets
  • Support to the external growth operations, financial strategy and fund raising…;
  • Specific financial audits and analyses (Independant business review).
  • Distress and restructuring
Examples of assignments
  • Support to a SME in the framework of capital increase done by corporate and investment funds;
  • Support during the whole project of business transfer (sell side or buy side) for Business plan, valuation, financing…;
  • Valuation of shares in several specific cases (sales, external growth, partners separations, earn out…);
  • Preference shares valuation (management package);
  • Support on several projects of OBO, MBI, LBO ;
  • Valuation of shares for employees in case of Company saving plan;
  • Valuation for fundraising.


Operational Support

Our willing: to stay close to you by understanding clearly your strategic issues and their operational implications.

Coming from operational entities and not only consulting firms, our consultants have this double experience from the operations and the consulting firms. They are able to understand clearly operational and pragmatical implications of the proposed solutions.

  • CFO and financial board;
  • Cost controlling;
  • Support to external growth and corporate finance topics.

And also competences, sourced from trust partners such as:

  • accounting: accountant, chief accountant…;
  • Controlling for industrial or service environment;
  • Treasurers and  credit managers…
Assignement examples
  • Shared CFO in a Group of 12 entities (turnover: 25m€) having strong and rapid growth: two days per week during 15 months;
  • Tresury and cost controlling in a SME having strong distress issues to solve: one day per week during 4 months,
  • Head of the Controlling department of an Insurance company after the departure of the former employee.(Turnover of 800m€ – 4 months fulltime);
  • Support to CFO for ASC 606 recognition in a French subsidiary of US Group (3 months);
  • Fundraising and byuyside support;
  • Support to restructuraion of SME and fundraising to insure new business perennity (15 months).


Regulatory support

Gregoire GERMAIN, founder partner iis registered auditor in France and is abble to provide merger and contribution audits.

The Torregham team might also work with you for specific audit and financial due diligences (sell- or buy-side).

Contributions registered auditor
  • Valuation review, analysis or audit;
  • Parity analysis and legal consequences.
Mergers registered auditor
  • Mergers support;
  • Mergers Valuation analysis and audit;
  • Exchange parity audit.
Our methodology is based on...
  • highly qualified team with strong track records,
  • partnership with specific competences providers (lawyers, consulting actuary…)
  • Timeframe and deadline respect and specific customer constraints.



Teamworking is one of our mainspring. The teamwork spirit is shared by all our consultants but also with our technical or operational partners and our customers.